We are a group of CalStateLA students, staff, and faculty who oppose impaction because it will limit access to higher education for the most vulnerable students by creating barriers to admission. Impaction moves our campus away from the mission of serving working-class, first generation students from underserved communities.  We call on the Cal State LA administration to resist the stampede to declare impaction, and instead work with the CSU Chancellor’s Office, Governor Newsom, and the state legislature to develop a more equitable approach to enrollment challenges across the system that preserves the CSU’s mission as a university system that offers access to all students who meet the minimum requirements to pursue a college degree.

There are many resources on this webpage. The FAQ includes our answers to commonly asked questions and rebuttals to the administration's arguments. The links page includes links to important documents, studies, and data about impaction and admissions. The letters/petitions page includes letters from stakeholders on and off campus, some still open for signing. Our events page lists important events that you can attend to learn more and to express your thoughts on impaction.